How to replace longboard bearings?

If you've been longboarding for a while, there's a good chance you'll need to buy new bearings because of the wear and tear they'll get. There will be a decrease in how well the board works if they don't. If you replace them soon, it will be a huge help in getting the most out of it. The stability and durability of the parts of your longboard have a big impact on how well you can ride it. If even one part of your longboard bearings is broken, you will see a big difference in how well they work. Longboard decks and parts are usually made of durable materials, but they need to be changed out at least once a year for safety and to keep the ride smooth. Another thing that needs to be changed from time to time is the bearings on a long board. These parts must be replaced when they are worn out. You need to know how to do this.

Why do you need to change your longboard bearings?

First, let's talk about why it's important to change the bearings on your longboard before we get into how to do it. The main reason to get a new longboard is because it slows you down and it's dangerous to ride a broken longboard. To slow down, the bearings on the longboards need to be changed when they get worn down. You'll notice that your board doesn't go as far after you push it hard.

Sometimes, when you try to take your board and spin your wheel by hand, the wear on the bearings speeds up even more quickly. When you don't change the bearings, your safety is also at risk. They could get stuck. The seized bearings could cause your wheel to fall off, which could loosen the axle nut.

How can you tell if your longboard bearings have gone bad?

There are three ways to tell if longboard bearings are bad.

Slowly turning the wheel.

look for any noise coming from the bearings.

The way your wheel moves from side to side.

1. Spin the Wheel Gently.

It's time for the first test. Spin the wheel slowly. Perform this test by taking your board and gently spinning the wheel on it with your hand. It should be able to spin freely without having to use too much force. As soon as you try to spin it, it stops. These are all signs that your bearings are worn out and need to be replaced.

2. Bearings make a lot of noise.

It's time for the second test. The bearings should be checked for noise. There is more force you need to use to spin the wheel longer. Whenever it does, pay attention when it moves for noise. The bearings in good quality are very quiet. There is a very good chance that your bearings need to be changed out if they make any noises or make strange sounds.

3: Moving from side to side.

To do this test, you need to move your longboard wheel to the side and back again. Make sure that the axle nut on your longboard is tight before you do this test. Now, move it along with the axle, going from the axle nut to the hanger and back again. Try to do these moves as quickly as you can. There will be no noise if your bearings are solid. They will keep your car from moving from side to side and will not move at all. You should double-check to make sure the axle nut isn't loose. If you can still move the wheel, you should get a new one.

A few steps on how to change longboard bearings.

Materials that you need to do the job

Use clean cloths

In this case, there are 8 new longboard bearings.

This is a small box for things that have been taken out.

The screwdriver has a flat head.

Steps to Take

Make sure the deck of your longboard is facing down when you flip it over so it is facing down. Lay the longboard down on a solid surface, like a table or a floor. Remove the wheel nuts with a socket wrench by turning it the other way.

In a small container, put all of the nuts that have been taken out. This will keep them safe.

Remove the metal washers that are between the nuts and other bearings. Place them with the nuts in a small container, and do the same for the raisins.

Pull the wheel off the board.

Remove the second metal washer. If there isn't, don't do this step.

When you use a screwdriver, try to get the bearing on one side of the wheel to come out of the wheel, The metal spacer needs to be taken apart and put in the safe box.

Clean your best longboard wheels as soon as the wheels come off, so they don't get dirty again. The wheel should be cleaned with a clean cloth. Wipe the dirt off.

Repeat this for all the longboard wheels you have.

New longboard bearings need to be put in.

Steps to Take

Take the wheel and place it on a hard and stable surface. Get the new bearings and put them in the hole in the middle of the wheel. This is where the bearings will go. The color shield must face outside.

Make sure to keep putting a steady amount of pressure on the bearings to push them down the middle of the wheel. A click sound means you've done it right.

Flip the wheel in the right direction now. It's time to put in the metal spacer. Make sure it is on top of the new bearings you just put in.

Put in the second set of bearings. These bearings will be put on top of the metal spacers that are on the ground now. Again, you will hear a click sound to make sure you did it right.

Do this for each of the wheels.


How often should you change the bearings on your longboard?

A good set of bearings usually lasts for a few years, but it's not always the case. There are only a few times when you should think about replacing your bearings.

Bearings of poor quality

The current bearings started to slow down.

In this case, the bearings are broken

1. Bearings of poor quality

In most cases, when you buy a longboard from an untrustworthy store, the bearings are the weak spot. Most of the time, you don't find out that the board has the best bearings. It's always a good idea to think about getting better bearings if you plan to move your board around a lot.

2: Bearings start to slow down a little bit.

When your longboard bearings aren't working as well as they used to, you might want to get new ones. If your bearings start to slow down, you might need to get new ones.

3. A lot of the bearings are broken.

It's a simple thing, but we need to talk about it here. Make sure you don't ride your board at all if it has a bad set of bearings. Especially if you like to go at high speeds, it is very dangerous.


The End of the Story

To put it all together, it is very important to get high-quality longboard bearings and to keep replacing them.

Every few years. It is a cheap and easy way to enjoy longboarding for a long time.

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