Is a boosted board worth it

It’s Worth It…

Yes, Boosted Boards are definitely worth it.
What if I'm wrong?
Ask everyone who owns one, including me, for their thoughts on the matter. The board's power and speed are unmatched because I own a Boosted Plus. I'm also in love with the ease with which it may be operated...
The boards are fun to ride, and the super flex deck provides a lot of feedback.
To make things even simpler, you can connect your board to the Boosted app on your phone using the included controller and Bluetooth.
Although it's pricey, this board delivers and is ideal for daily commuting. For more than a year, I used it to get to the train station and back for school.
Plus, they're the most secure and dependable boards on the market. Period.

How Are The Reviews?

A look at the numerous web reviews will reveal that all of them are positive.
On Amazon, you can find that all three Boosted products have received 4/5 star reviews. •
He loved it so much, he'd buy it again, remarked one Redditor after receiving his new Boosted Plus.
The Plus, according to one Reddit user, is "the best transportation you can purchase," and "when he rode it for his first ride, all worry was gone, and a joyful smile replaced it."
It received a 9/10 rating from the Verge and was referred to as the "fastest and safest electric skateboard."
It was concluded by Wirecutter that the Boosted Mini S "remains the gold standard."

But Aren’t They Expensive?

In the end, there's no arguing. Pricey, isn't Boosted?
That's a major factor in a lot of people's decisions. Do I really want to fork up $749 to $1,599 on a skateboard with a rechargeable battery?
However, Boosted is still the best option, despite the fact that there are many cheaper competitors that give similar performance
I was blown away by a post on Wired's blog. People spend $400 or more a year on snowboards and skis they barely use a few times, whereas Boosted is free.
The $1,399 price tag for a Boosted Plus (a powerful, reliable, and extremely safe powered skateboard) isn't as bad as you may imagine.
It comes with a one-year warranty, and if you don't treat it like trash, it will last you for a long time.

Which Model Is Best?

While the final decision is up to you, I recommend that you go with the Boosted Plus, with the Boosted Mini X coming in a very close second place.
However, depending on your lifestyle and whether or not you want to use the board for commuting, you may prefer the Mini X, which is more portable and compact in size.
All of the models are excellent choices, and Boosted's new electric scooter is making the rounds in the neighborhood as we speak.


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